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The material of the handle is titanium and the blade material is ZDP189.

The greatest feature of this knife is movable clip system called "Concealed clip system".

The original of this model is the model with minor changes of the HIGO X. In this model’s handle Rockstead used carbon fiber with the titanium. The handle has two types of titanium coloring - the blue (BL) color and the silver gold color (SG).


<p>Rockstead new folding knife "SHUN". 俊 -"SHUN" in japanese means "excellence". This design is a collaboration with Dmitry Sinkevich (Дмитрий Синкевич), a knife maker from Republic of Belarus. This is going to be a biggest knife among all R... readmore

This knife is a flagship of the sheath knife of ROCKSTEAD. The shape of our blade is made from a consecutive convex surface. This is a technology that doesn't permit other follows, and we have confidence in this surface. When you strongly press this knife against the telephone book, it will cut... readmore

<p>In December 2013 Rockstead announced the new model of knife KEI. According to information from Rockstead, it is going to be the most practicable fixed knife among all their knife lineup. Rockstead KEI has very compact size. Full knife length is 210mm. Blade length: 90mm. Blade thickness: 3... readmore