Rockstead fixed knife "KEI ZDP"

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Rockstead fixed knife "KEI ZDP"

In December 2013 Rockstead announced the new model of knife KEI. According to information from Rockstead, it is going to be the most practicable fixed knife among all their knife lineup. Rockstead KEI has very compact size. Full knife length is 210mm. Blade length: 90mm. Blade thickness: 3.3mm. The knife blade made from Hitachi Metals  stainless powder steel developed specially for cutlery(hardness around 67 HRc). The knife weight without sheath is only 103 gramm. Blade shape is a consecutive convex surface (HONZUKURI blade). Also,KEI has a outstanding sharpness. Sharpness of KEI did not decrease so much even after having cut a Manila rope 780 times. However, it is an unsuitable knife to the beating cut.


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