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Full length: 

214.00 mm

Blade length: 

89.00 mm


138 g


3.20 mm




Blade geometry: 

Knives type: 

Delivers in wooden box, product specification sheet, guarantee policy, wrench for dismantlement.

A quick glance at the knife shows that Rockstead sets it apart from other knives. It's no exaggeration to say that there is just a single point of haze-free mirror-finished convex blades, a perfect curve that humans difficult to make, and there is no higher quality knife. The blade is made of HITACHI’s high hardness ZDP189 High-End powder steel, has outstanding hardness (more than 68 HRC) and amazing wear resistance, and the blade is so sharp that it can cut through a thousand-pages (thick) phone book like cutting the butter. This model is a folding knife with a handle that has a wave-like shape. This handle design was inspired by an artisan Ogata Kōrin. Great Japanese painter, traditional Urushi-lacquerer and Designer of the Japanese Rinpa School. Minor change of handle material from duraluminium to titanium, it has 2 variations shot finish and gloss finish. The moment you will take the knife in your hand, you will be satisfied with the price.

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