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The craftmanship of Japanese blacksmiths and armourers has always impressed the western world with its perfection and simplicity, with its special philosophy and with its deep and different understanding of each created piece. Even in Japan the life and creative process of these people has always been surrounded by a veil of mystery and secrecy. The team at is based in Japan and knows the nuances of the craftsmanship and will try to spill the beans.

History of Rockstead

Rockstead knives have been on the market for 17 years and during this time they've built a reputation for sharpness and excellent quality. These knives are priced from $800 and above and are some of the most expensive knives being produced anywhere in the world.

It is important to note that Rockstead is a small company and produces only 800 knives per year. Approximately 67 knives each month.

Production of Rockstead knives

While a CNC machine is used in the initial production stage of a knife, polishing and many other steps are completed by hand. The concept of semi-custom made most accurately conveys the essence of the production process.

For the production of blades Rockstead mainly use two grades of steel - YRX7 and ZDP189. The blades made from YRX7 steel are first hand-polished and then sent for DLC coating, HPC or TiAln with another company that is specialized only in coating. The blades from ZDP189 after being polished on 2000 grit are then polished in a special way, the know-how of which is owned by Rockstead. After these processes, the knives are completed with handles, winding and the accompanying sheathes are made.

Regarding the handles of the Rockstead folding knives the insertion of Stingray leather is often used. The technology of cutting and fitting the parts of Stingray leather is homegrown know-how of Rockstead. This whole process is completed by hand. From the whole skin of the ray only the central and most best part is used. The finish and quality of the inserts is so high that even after several years of active use of the knives there is no gapping or warping on the edges.

Many people know the original braid knife handles of the GI model, which is made in the style of windings used on the handles of Japanese swords as Katana. This winding (Tsukamaki) is made for Rockstead by a third generation genuine Tsukamaki Master. In other words, the winding arms of Rockstead, are not just similar to Tsukamaki style, they are completely authentic.

In conclusion and if we summarise all the benefits of Rockstead knives, it turns out that rather than semi-custom, they seem to be almost full custom knives. For these reasons they really are worth every yen asked for them.

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