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Full length: 

214.00 mm

Blade length: 

89.00 mm


138 g


3.20 mm




Blade geometry: 

Knives type: 

Rockstead HIGO II TI-DLC (M)  Folding Knife 3.5" Mirror Finish Blade, Matte Titanium Handle

Delivers in wooden box, product specification sheet, wrench for dismantlement, guarantee policy.

The HIGO II knife features some changes to the HIGO JH design, mainly these beautifully milled titanium scales. The blade is YXR7 carbon steel with a black DLC mirror finish. This knife has a blade angle of 30° near the half, and 24° near the top with one continuous, gradually reducing angle connecting them. This reducing blade angle is a product of Rockstead's continuing pursuit of superior sharpness. The opening is smooth with a solid titanium liner lock to securely keep the blade locked in place.

The incredible mirror finish is achieved by heat-treating the blade and gradually hand grinding through 400, 600, 800, 1,200 and 2,000 grits wet-dry sandpaper. This is very intense and time-consuming because if any scratches were to occur during this process, the blade must be sent back to the previous step for refinishing. Once this is complete, the blade will be buffed for the final finish. The folks at Rockstead have mastered this process to give the knife a beautiful finish and sharp edge like no other.

The HIGOⅡ TI-DLC (M) is a solidly constructed, very robust multi-purpose knife. The blade length of 90mm makes it a good partner for fishing, camping or hunting. It can be dismantled with the supplied key and easily cleaned when it needed. The HIGOⅡ TI-DLC (M) has matt, DLC-coated titanium handle. The HIGO models are the most popular ROCKSTEAD knives due to their wide range of applications.

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